Wauw. That text was deep, so deep that I didn't even get it😂 but it sounded positive, so I can live with that (: well, now it's your turn, tell me a letter of the name you're thinking about

I still can’t hahah, have we already before this conversation talked in reallife or on social media?

02.sep.14 4 uur geleden

Oke this was just a quick check again😇, please tell me 1 other letter in your name i have a new idea of who you are, i don’t know if it’s very hot or kind of weird but funny, one outta two, but both positive, so your chances are already positive! Haha

01.sep.14 12 uur geleden
You were thinking of someone with an "e" in the name right? you still live in the same town?

what, no i wasn’t even lmao. yes i still live in the same town but i asked already what town do i live in and what town do you live in?

01.sep.14 1 dag geleden
wow you just actually guessed my whole name, Sherlock Holmes😏 well, one of my letters is a "r" does that match with your thoughts?

Well ehh, no it actually doesn’t😭😂, do you really live in the same city as i do, and what city is it?

01.sep.14 1 dag geleden
haha you weren't, just tell me and i'll tell if it's true

Okay uhm A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z , which one from these is your first letter ☺️

31.aug.14 1 dag geleden
First letter of my name ?

Uhm yeah i don’t know i was bluffing, please tell me what the first letter of your name is

31.aug.14 1 dag geleden
what do you think ... ? 😏 haha just tell me who you're thinking about

Nah if im wrong that would be weird af

31.aug.14 1 dag geleden


I saw you at your worst and I stayed. You saw me at my best and you still left.

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31.aug.14 1 dag geleden
and with what idea did your highass creative mind came up with? Cause yeah you're really Sherlock Holmes the second if you know who I am right now haha

Damnit, well do i know u already or have i seen you already in reallife ever?

31.aug.14 1 dag geleden